Camping facilities

Tell me what you need
and we will check the possibilities

We install accessories in campers and buses.
We take accurate measurements of your vehicle and present our idea to you. After accepting the solutions, we get to work.


What work will we do on your camper?

All those that will be necessary. We will deal with car upholstery and furniture, windows and roof arches, air conditioning and air vents.

camper, wnętrze

The offer includes:

  • modular cabinetry in the rear part of the vehicle; you will find there, for example, space for dishes, a sink with a shower, a fridge, a pull-out countertop and a storage space for foldable chairs
  • installation of a solar panel and converter
  • installation of sleeping roofs
  • installation of front and rear parking sensors and reversing cameras
  • connecting the charger
  • radio, TV and antenna installation
  • installation of a bicycle rack, ladder, awning

Sample projects

Vehicle registration in Tenerife

We can also help you register your car, camper or motorcycle.

  • we help with technical inspections
  • we prepare all the necessary documentation
  • we carry out the necessary procedures in all offices
  • we help you arrange favorable insurance
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